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LED Linear Trunking System

DALI Dimmable LED Driver
DALI Dimmable LED Driver

DALI Dimmable LED Driver

DALI Dimmable LED Driver for Linear Light Fixtures
Driver Brands: Tridonic/Philips
Certification: ENEC, TUV, SAA, CE, ROHS
Wattage: 48W, 70W
Non-Stroboscopic for All Powers
Support Linear Lights: 1-10V dimmable Option

DALI Dimmable LED Driver for Linear Lighting Fixtures
DALI Control System can control a single light fixture or a specify group of light fixtures withing a network . It brings remarkable flexibility to whole lighting systems in all projects.

DALI Dimmable System:

The key feature of DALI is that every lighting fixture has its own unique address, and can be dimmable accurately by the DALI system. the main purpose of dimming is to save the energy and cost. Sanli LED DALI system is suitable for complex applications to manage the whole lighting fixtures in different rooms and stores, supermarkets &Warehouses .

DALI Dimming Software
Sanli LED linear trunking light system has three options of wiring connection: 5 wires, 7 wires and 11 wires. Only 7 and 11 wires options are suitable for DALI system, among these options, only 2 wires ( D+ & D- ) are related to the dimmable function. According to the DALI system rules, it has 16 groups and 16 light scenes, each group has 0-4pcs lighting fixtures and each light scene can set up all of the groups. The standard of Sanli LED's electrical wire is 2.5 square millimeter, it allow to withstand 16A maximum current.

DALI Dimming Linear LED Drivers Parameters:

Driver Technical Datas70W48W
Input Voltage AC100-240VAC100-240V
Frequency 50HZ50HZ
Input rated Voltage AC220VAC220V
Efficiency ≥88%≥88%
No load wattage ≤1W≤1W
Total load Wattage 63W±1W42W±1W
Power Factor ≥0.9≥0.9
Rated input current 300mA200mA
No load output Voltage DC50VDC50V
Output current range DC 30V-42VDC 30V-42V
Full load output Voltage DC36VDC36V
Rated output current 1900mA1170mA
Output current range 230-1900mA150-1170mA
Tolerance ±20mA±20mA
Current output tolerance ±3%±3%
Dimming range 9-72W6-48W
Dimming 1-10V,DALI1-10,DALI
Withstand voltage AC3750VAC3750V
Out current ripple 2V2V
Output Harmonic(THD) <15%<15%

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