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LED Linear Trunking System

1.2/1.5M Track Light Rail Module
1.2/1.5M Track Light Rail Module 1.2/1.5M Track Light Rail Module 1.2/1.5M Track Light Rail Module 1.2/1.5M Track Light Rail Module 1.2/1.5M Track Light Rail Module

1.2/1.5M Track Light Rail Module

Length: 1.2/1.5 M
Available: 5/7/11 Cores Trunking Rails
Mateiral: Strong 6063 Aluminium
Color: White/Silver/Black

1.2/1.5M Track Light Rail Module for LED Linear Trunking System

Track Light Rail Module is a special lighting parts for LED linear trunking system. It is desgined and used for overall enviroments that need the pinpoint accent lighting. Suh as: the supermarket, clothing store window, museum, exhibition, car 4S shop, sculpture and other occasions need to focus on lighting.

Pre-assembled connectors inside the Track Llight Rail Module, Making it can be jointed the standard 5/7/11 Wires trunking
rails. and the Spot lights have three seperate switchable circuit-N and L1, N and L2, N and L3, One lamp can each connect to ONE CIRCUIT at one time. The spot light head can be rotated horizontally 360°, and adjusted vertically 90°.

Main Features:
1. Length: 1.2 /1.5 meters.
2. Suitable for 5/7/11 wires trunking rails.
3. Housing of strong 6063 aluminium, with black, white and silver finish color for selection.

Track Spot Light Rail Dimension:

LengthL (mm)W(mm)H(mm)Wt(kg)Qty/CTN

Order No. System:

iLinear= Linear Mudule1.2=1.2M5= 5 WiresWH=White
1.5=1.5M7= 7 WiresBK=Black

11= 11WiresSR=Silver

E.g: iLinear-T1.2/7/-WH stands for 1.2m length, 7 wires, white color housing track light rail module.

1.2/1.5M track spotlights rail module is for 2-3 pcs track spotlights.

Recommend Track Spotlights Parameters.

30w COB spotlights.

Input VoltageAC 85-240V
Light SourceHigh Quality COB chips
Beam Angel24°
Warranty50000 hours

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Welcome to download the Linear Track Light Rail Module on the following.

Track Spotlight Rail Module - Sanli LED Lighting Co.,Ltd.pdf

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